Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bra Barrettes - 2 Ways to Wear Them

You can use a Bra Barrette to manage your bra straps, or you can choose to show it off! Here's the scoop straight from the Bra Barrette Website:

Relief from Bra Straps Slipping
Be in command of your straps & feel confident in your clothing with the most beautiful bra clip available. The Plain Bra Barrette is perfect for women of all ages to stop bra straps from slipping, keeping them in place all day, comfortably. Keep one handy for gardening, business meetings, or swimming. Made in the USA, BBs are the ultimate bra strap accessory!.

Back Jewelry
Charmed Bra Barrettes are beautiful bra jewelry, that also act as fashionable strap holders for tank tops and spaghetti-strap dresses. Show your style! Change the charm to suit your mood! Fashion magazines agree 2009 is the year of the back, and jewelry for your straps is the BEST way to do that!

Learn more on the Bra Barrette Website!

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