Friday, April 3, 2009

Win This Bra Barrette

Oh, we love clever!

And this ingenious bra barrette is just so smart!! Here's the scoop on how it came to be. Enjoy this letter from the Bra Barrette inventor, Lara Merriam-Smith:

Who knew a paper clip could start a fashion revolution? I certainly didn’t start out life as an inventor, it just sort of came to me while staring at a paper clip.

In June of 2006, I was sitting in my favorite comfy chair, dressed in my preferred summer attire – a camisole tank top and shorts – diligently grading my students’ papers and pulling up the strap that had, once again, slipped off my shoulders. My constant case of FBSS (Falling Bra Strap Syndrome) had flared up again and the traditional cures (the safety pin, rubber band and hair barrettes) weren’t cutting it anymore.

As I sat there becoming increasingly frustrated by my falling straps, I looked at the paper clip in my hand. That’s when the idea struck me to create a product that would hold my straps in place, simply and satisfyingly. I saw other products on the market that could cure my case of FBSS, but nothing I found was meant to be seen. They had all been designed to hide your straps and I knew I wanted something I could show off on my favorite summer tank tops and swimsuits.

Since the first day I bent that little blue paper clip into a spiral shape, the Bra Barrette has evolved into something much more. The original metal versions quickly gave way to a flexible and durable plastic that offers comfort and support, while mimicking the look of metal jewelry. As I started adding charms and other decorations to the Bra Barrette my “ah-ha” moment came, I knew I was going to start a fashion revolution that would turn style around and show off my personal style, with jewelry for the back!

With the great response to our product in our first year selling, we’ve expanded the line to include new colors, charms and Swarovski crystal versions, and in 2009 we will introduce two new sizes of Bra Barrettes. The Larger version will accommodate women with wider shoulders and the Petite version will be for girls under 8 and women with narrow shoulders. However, any woman can also use different sized Bra Barrettes on different styles of bras to ensure the best fit and comfort.

Be a part of history and join us in this Fashion Revolution! Make 2009 the year you get “back” in fashion, whether you choose to hide, with a Plain Bra Barrette, or show off your straps, with one of our many Charmed and Crystal versions, you’ll be able to relax knowing that you won’t need to “adjust” yourself in public anymore. From the first sigh of relief and comfort, to always knowing your straps are fashionably in place, I believe you will enjoy the Bra Barrette as much as I do. I look forward to hearing from you about the buzz you stir up as you walk away showing off your Back Bling!

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